How to Hide Your IP Address

Everybody on the internet has a public IP address; you have one as well. Each time you connect to the internet, you are sharing that Internet Protocol address with every service, website, and app you use. But if you decide to use a VPN proxy, service, website, and app will only get to see the public IP address of the VPN proxy server rather than that of your device. This is precisely what it means to “change your IP” or “hide your IP.”

The services and apps you use or the websites you access may not even notice that your IP address has undergone any change. Your IP address says a lot about you, and when you don’t hide it, you are sharing a lot of information. Part of what will be revealed if you don’t hide your IP include your location, your identity, your activity, and giving other parties the opportunity to control your online experience.

From the aforesaid, you can understand that the reasons why may want to hide your IP address include preventing web tracking, hiding your geographical location, bypassing any content filters, bans or blacklisting, and avoiding a digital footprint.

Ways to Hide Your IP Address

There are many ways you can use to hide your IP address, and few of this will be discussed in this article. Just read further.

  • Using a VPN Service

This is a popular way of hiding IP address. In fact, it is the best way. To enjoy a VPN service, you need to sign up for it, and you will be showing the world an entirely different address, the one that can be described as a loan given to you by the VPN service you are using. You will get some advantages when you use a personal VPN service instead of a proxy. One of these includes high-speed bandwidth, a secure connection, usability, ability to select any country and city of your choice and private access to blocked websites. There are over a hundred VPN companies you can choose from; it’s left to you.

  • Using The Tor Browser

This method of hiding your IP address is very slow. Tor is a browser used all over the world to search and buy products and also communicate with one another with restricted internet access. The Tor Browser is available for download free; it will conceal your IP address each time you go online anonymously.

  • Using a Proxy Server

This is a very risky method of hiding your IP address. It is used to re-route your browser around a company or school content filters. The risk involved include slowing down your connection, illegal in some countries, etc.