What is Internet security and how to tackle with cyber attacks

Internet Security

Internet Security

The rate at which cyber-attacks are occurring over the years has become very alarming as the improvement. In technology has created more advanced means for hackers to intrude into people’s privacies through the spread of malware and other forms of digital threats. This is why every organization, internet user, or any online platform must always ensure to improve on their internet security now and then. This article will help you to know what Internet security is, some of the possible digital threats, and how to detect or prevent these threats infiltrations on your system.

Internet security refers to an arm of the computer security system that involves the use of several measures to ensure safe online transactions. These measures simply protect operating systems, browsers, networks, servers, and other system applications from fraudulent online attacks. Some of these safeguarding measures include the use of some encryptions, for example, the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).

Guises of Internet Attacks

These cyber-attacks can appear in different ways; some may come up on your computer screen as a popup, thereby obstructing whatever you are doing. Some may be programmed with applications and the most common form which is the fake anti-malware apps. That usually appear as anti-virus software.

This malware spreading “anti-virus” apps are known as the “Fake Vine” family, and the most popular among them is the Internet Security Essential Tools. This Internet Security Essential Tools will appear to the user as if it were a “bad-ass” antivirus and in the process extort them of their hard-earned money.

Have you noticed this kind of threat on your system or you feel you need to fortify your internet security the more? Do not worry; I have some helpful suggestions for you.

How to Tackle Internet or Cyber-Attacks

You will find several anti-malware or antiviruses online. Some of which could be a malware spreader themselves, however, before you download and install any “antivirus” software on your PC be sure it has some of the following qualities:

  • It scans and detects if there are existing threats or malware on your system.
  • That it has a spyware detector which will unveil every hidden spyware threats.
  • That it comes with an anti-Rootkit that ensures there is no room for rooting your pc.
  • The software must also have the capacity to destroy and clean up permanently all the detected threats.
  • The software must possess a strong firewall that will prevent future infiltration by threats of all kinds.
  • Must be able to neutralize every malicious process even before they do your system any harm.

One of the most popular Internet Security tools are the Comodo and the windows defender software. Feel free to try them out as they possess most of the qualities listed above.


Internet security is very important especially in contemporary times as technology is rapidly improving. Having good internet security will save you from the plight of extortion by fraudsters and hackers.

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