How to find IP address on PC?

IP Address Lookup

IP address lookup

We believe that you already know what an IP address is. If you don’t, we urge you to read our article on “What is IP Address.” Having gotten that, you will know that IP address is a unique identifier of your network. If this is the case, then, it is vital that you understand how to check it. An IP address lookup helps to determine the geolocation of the IP address. The result you will get will include your city, the state or region, the country name, postal or zip code, the Internet Service Provider, and the time zone. This data that is being generated each time you look up your IP address can be used by different agencies to know the exact owner of an IPv6 or IPv4 address.

Location of the IP Address

To find your IP address location, you can use the IP address lookup tool. You cannot get any lookup tool that is 100% perfect because many factors affect that. Some of these factors include the place of registration of the IP address, the location of the agency that controls the IP address, the cellular IPs, proxies, etc. For example, if you are in the United States and the controlling agency of your IP address is located in Canada, there is a probability that the result of your IP address lookup will show Canada.

Most times, a lot of people think that when they perform an IP address lookup, they will get the physical mailing address of the user that is assigned that IP. This is not the case. There is no IP address database in existence that will give you the precise physical postal address the IP address you have looked up. The best bet you can probably get is to have the city in which the IP is located. To get the precise physical address, you will need to get in touch with the Internet Service Provider. Meanwhile, it is always difficult to get this information from the Internet Service Provider as they still expect that you provide maybe a police warrant or any other legal document.

Finding Your IP Address on Your PC

You can check your IP address either on your smartphone, personal computer, laptop or tablet. You will get a summary of what you need to do when looking for your IP address on a computer or laptop.

  • Select the start button and type “View network connections”; then select it in the list
  • Select the network connection that is active; in the toolbar, select “View Status of this Connection.”
  • Select “Details,” and there you have it; your IP address appears in the “Value” column.

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