What is An ASN (Autonomous System Number)

Autonomous System Number ( ASN )

Autonomous System Number


An ASN (autonomous system number) is a secret number usually assigned to users who do not want to be discovered online. It also involves a system of communication within autonomous systems in the same locale. In other words, this system of number is used by people who only wish to deal with one another in a top privy system.

These numbers are minimal and can only be acquired through a formal request to a local internet registry. Apart from this need to request access to the name, as the darknet system. The ASN works only on a particular routing policy.

How to Get an Autonomous System Number

Like I said earlier, the ASN is limited, and it currently ranges from 1 to 64,511. When you apply for an ASN, you will be assigned the number that has been less used over time. The American Registry for Internet Numbers is the organization in charge of allocating and managing IP addresses and also helping to track active ASNs. This form of allocation is used with the 16-bit security system which can be exhausted over time. However, let us hope the 32-bit ASN technology reaches a breakthrough soon.

Types of ASN

You must be wondering if there are varieties of autonomous system numbers, yes. There are two basic types, and these include the private and the public ASNs. The rationale behind having these two forms of ASN is to give room for an intercommunication system between two users and a broad number of ASN users.

Simply put, a private ASN is employed whenever the autonomous user wants to communicate with another independent user. This is like a one-on-one relationship among ASN users. This private ASN is accessed using a Border Gateway Protocol.

However, the public ASN comes into play when an anonymous system wants to communicate with a network of other unknown systems on the internet. This way, they all share information using a unique routing system known only by the target systems.

The principal way to differentiate between these two systems is that whereas in public ASN. The routing systems will be visible to a large number of users on the internet, the reverse will be the case on the private ASN as only two users will be able to see it.


The autonomous system number was introduced to allow internet users. Who wish to have paramount privacy whenever they want to have dealings with other users. These numbers are limited, and the 16-bit security currently secures them. There are public and private types of ASN depending on the number of the target number of audience the user wishes to relate.

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