What is the Domain Name System ( DNS )?

Do you why Domain Name System ( DNS ) is important?


Domain Name System ( DNS server )is that unique identity accruing to an internet website. This name comes with what is called an IP Address. Which is usually interpreted by servers in number codes. This not only ensures the uniqueness of name, it allows for the security and efficiency of the website.

Domain Name System

The funny thing about this internet identity is that most people use it. Every even without knowing what it is, the DNS can be likened to an internet phonebook in which computers, devices, and servers use to communicate with one another. As of 2017, it was estimated that we have about 332 million domain names on the internet. As we speak and all of them are spread in different places all around the world for redundancies and updates.

You should know that a website’s DNS can work with multiple IP addresses and you can access just one domain name with more than a hundred IP addresses. A good illustration is that the IP address. That allows you to use www.google.com in your country may not be the same that will work for another person who types the same URL in another country.

Why Knowing about Domain Name System is Important?

domain name

The DNS helps to keep things orderly on the internet, in other words. It allows multiple users to access a particular website at the same time. Still, on this point, it will be noticed that most common domains such as .net, .com, .org, etc. Are usually bombarded by traffic, but with the ability to use the domain name system, you will be allowed to access your target website by using an IP address that is closest to your region.

Since the use of this DNS has lasted the test of time, i.e., it has worked for about 30 years now, people no longer hold it a great priority, and this can hurt their server. As a matter of fact, since the developers of this system did not bother much about its security, it has made it very prone to attacks from hackers.

Here are some of the popular DNS issues:

  • Overwhelming Cache:-This cache can have a poisoning effect on the DNS, it, diverts the user to websites filled with malicious contents. This could in turn trick the user into divulging his password or other security details.
  • Reflection Attacks: This is another way that hackers use to overwhelm a user’s DNS. They will divert a lot of unsolicited traffic to the user’s IP address, thereby crashing their systems.

What to do?

The DNSSec was introduced to fortify the security systems of DNSs. It was developed by the makers of the DNS itself – (ICANN) The Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This security system has to an extent curbed the occurrence of DNS attacks.

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