What Is an IP Address?

What Is IP Address

What Is IP Address

IP means Internet Protocol; an IP address provides an identity to any networked device. This is similar to a home or business address that gives a specific physical location with an address that is identifiable. You can differentiate devices on a network from one another through IP addresses.

Let’s put this in perspective; assuming I want to send a package to my friend who is in another country; I have to know where I am sending something to, the exact destination. It is not enough for me to just put a package with his name written on it through the mail and expect that it will reach him. Instead of that, I need to attach a specific address to it.

This same general process is used whenever you are sending data over the internet. Your computer makes use of the DNS servers to get a hostname and find its IP address.

For example, whenever I enter a website like www.myipinformation.net into my mobile or web browser, my request to load that page is automatically sent to DNS servers that will look up that hostname (myipinformation.net) to find its corresponding IP address. Without the IP address attached, my computer will have no idea of what it is that I am after.

IP Address: There are Different Types

Many people have heard about IP address, but only a few know that there are different types of IP address. Although all IP addresses that exist in the world are made up of numbers, not all of them are used for the same purpose.

There is a variety of IP, and this includes public IP addresses, private IP addresses, dynamic IP addresses, and static IP addresses. Apart from that, each type of these IP address can be either an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address.

Both the public IP addresses and private IP addresses are either static or dynamic. This means they can either change or not.

Finding Your IP Address

Different operating systems and devices require unique steps to find the IP address. Also, there are various steps you can take if you are looking for the public IP address that is provided to you by your Internet Service Provider, or if you need to know the private IP address that your router has given you. Our website www.whatizmyip.net offers you the opportunity to do that easily.

Let’s Go There

You already know what IP address means and the types of IP address that we have. Our next articles will dwell more on the types of IP address that we have already highlighted here.

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